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Welcome to a new experience in marketing for all your needs in cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, logo floor mats, hiring of cleaning equipment and hospitality supplies

Welcome to The Cleaning House, an Australian company with its Head Office in Orange NSW; and a regional agency in the Central West of NSW,

The Cleaning House is building its reputation in Australia, as a market leader with its self-branded range of washroom supplies; and selling and hiring of complementary cleaning equipment.

The Cleaning House team has a clear objective of ensuring that each one of its self-branded products are of the highest quality to be entrusted by a wide range of customers, ranging from single consumers, business of all kinds, motels, restaurants, larger organisations and government institutions.

However, The Cleaning House does not stop with washroom supplies, since it has made strategic alliances with key players in the cleaning equipment market, like Nilfisk for the extensive selection of commercial vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, driers, as well as powered water pressure machines.

The Cleaning House also distributes the popular commercial PACVAC vacuum cleaners.

The environment is one of the concerns of The Cleaning House. Therefore, in the line of detergents Enviro-Chemicals, a Sydney based company, are the providers of environmentally caring, biodegradable chemical products. Our shop offers versatile, multipurpose enviro-friendly detergents as part of a large range of detergents to fulfill the needs of the cleaning market.

Oates provide us with the supplies for the whole set of minor cleaning equipment. Recognised quality mops, buckets, dusters, glass cleaning utilities, and many other minor cleaning equipment, are in the inventory of our shop.

Floor mats, and customized logo-mats, of different kinds are in our shop offers. We work in close integration with matTEK are its regional representatives.

The hospitality supplies section of our showroom offers a multiplicity of products to cater for the needs of our clients. These products are sourced from major manufacturer across Australia and overseas.