The Cleaning House

An Australian Company

Our Head Office is located in Orange NSW 2800 Australia, with a national agency, and regional agencies in NSW Central West.

We started operations in 2007 as a property services business, with marginal involvement in the trading of washroom supplies and cleaning equipment, mainly to supply the needs of our corporate cleaning clients.

Today we are a specialised Company trading in only high quality cleaning products, manufacturing some of them, or importing them from overseas with our own trading logo and with a guaranteed quality control system. Also, we have the franchise of recognised leading companies in the cleaning equipment and biodegradable detergents market in Australia.

Our Values

  1. We have obsession for Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction.
  2. The Client is the most important member of our business team.
  3. Our staff are the cornerstone of our success.
  4. Our organisation is simple, flexible  and agile; and we aim to build it up in a smart manner.
  5. We do not compromise ethics and values since these are essential cornerstones of our business.
  6. We are corporate citizens with a wider vision beyond profit, including community development and environment protection and enhancement.
  7. We have a triple bottom line vision where shareholders welfare, clients/staff building up and upholding of our values are the central components of our business paradigm.


  1. Excellent client services.
  2. Working only with high quality, reliable and trustable suppliers.
  3. Low costs in recommended retail prices and wholesale prices to make us competitive in the market place.
  4. Quality Assurance is our core: we only sell products from which we are certain that they are on unsurpassable quality.
  5. Innovation: we are in the market always looking for innovative products that do not only make life easier but as well, enhance the health of our planet. As an example, our range of environmentally friendly detergents are a continuous laboratory experimenting in innovation, quality and environmental protection.
  6. Using of innovative trading with high quality assurance, total customer satisfaction and accessible prices as our major marketing tools.
  7. Total customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee policy.